The Piano House

Hiawatha, Kansas

BUILT: c. Late 1800s
STATUS: Unknown


During the late 19th century, a family was digging a well together near the Piano House in Hiawatha Kansas. After the well was completed a pregnant woman accidentally fell into the well. Although all of the men tried to save her, she couldn’t be rescued and she died.

Now, the apparition of a woman in a bloody white nightgown can be seen standing in the bedroom window of the house. Mysteriously, the piano moves from room to room on its own.


  1. Forgotten USA. “The Piano House,”



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. NO ONE says:

    i know where the piano house is its my house but there is no piano but there are ghosts here and she is here she died under my house i know she is here. She is sometimes a angry ghost but most of the time she is sweet to me, i am 13 almost 14 i am her child she lost she thinks but im not. She loves me she cares for me like my dad and mom do she will talk to me her name she will not say. I can see her and the house and how she died I will never forget how i seen her die. I will not repeat how she died. She doesnt want people to know what really happend. She didnt fall in on accident it was for a reason and she was shoved. I’m the only one to see her but i knew she was here also there is also 3 other people here 2 other females and one very evil male. he is very dangerous.


    1. 18013 says:

      I live in Hiawatha. Is there anyway I could talk to you about this? Anyway we could get in contact. I can prove that I live in Hiawatha.


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