The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas

BUILT: 1718
OPERATION TIME: 1718 to 1836
STATUS: Still standing


The Alamo was built in 1718 under the name San Antonio de Valero. The mission has had a haunted history ever since it was built. On March 6th, 1836, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his forces overtook the Alamo, killing all of the Texans who were fighting there.

In the battle’s aftermath, he ordered that every one of the 184 bodies be dumped into a mass grave. The Mexican General also instructed that the historic mission be torn down to the ground. However, when the engineers tried to, ghostly hands began to come out of the walls, and the workers stopped and ran in fear. Some of the spirits held torches, and one of them had a deep voice stating that anyone who desecrated the Alamo would face a terrible death.

John Wayne was one of the many people to encounter ghosts who want you to remember the Alamo. Wayne was the director and leading actor in The Alamo, and he spent $1.5 million in recreating an exact replica of the mission. He went on several tours of the site, and used the original blueprints as reference in creating it.

While filming The Alamo, John Wayne gradually became obsessed with the fall of the Alamo sequence. After the movie was completed, the replica Alamo became a tourist attraction on its own. After Wayne’s death, his spirit was seen walking the grounds of the real Alamo in San Antonio.

Another spirit at the Alamo is that of Davy Crockett himself, seeing in buckskin clothing, a coonskin cap, and a flintlock rifle. During some of appearances, he is seen with bullet holes all over his body.

The Alamo still stands to this day, remaining mostly the same as it did in 1836. Those who stay at the nearby Menger Hotel have reported seeing apparitions coming from the building’s walls.


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