Military Building: Wentworth Military Academy

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Location: Lexington, Missouri, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Academy
Status: Open


Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri is known for being extremely haunted. The apparition of a little boy has been seen coming out at night to salute the helicopter on the academy’s grounds, only to disappear. A different little boy once hung himself in the scholastic building’s lower level as a way to escape being beaten and hazed. The bell tower, which had large amounts of activity, closed down for reconstruction.



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  1. Daniel Britton-Olson says:

    Ha. Your information is wrong and obviously not first hand.
    And why is there no photo? It’s 2015..I took hundreds in the years I was there. Feel free to use one of mine. Plenty of time to since there was no hazing and no beatings that I expierienced.. As your random gossip (bashing) implies.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Information on this site is gathered from online sources and books (we post first-hand accounts in the ‘Personal Experiences’ category). Of course, if you have any suggestions on how this post can be factually improved, feel free to post your corrections. As for your photos, how can I access them? I can credit you as the photographer if you would like. This is not “random gossip/bashing”.


      Ghostly World
      Email At:


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