USS Sullivan

The USS Sullivan in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York

BUILT: Unknown
USED: c. 1940 to unknown
TYPE: War Ship
STATUS: Still standing


The USS Sullivan (which is docked at the Buffalo Naval Park) was used in World War II. It was named for the five Sullivan brothers, who died when their cruiser was torpedoed in 1942. They began to haunt the Sullivan shortly after it was mothballed.

Those who have gone onboard the ship have reported seeing their apparitions, particularly on Friday the 13th. The brothers have been heard playing craps, or whispering “Hey you!”. Five glowing figures have been seen floating through doorways and passageways throughout the vessel. Odd electrical phenomena also takes place.

In 1993, the ghost of George Sullivan made his appearance known to one of the ship’s guards. His apparition looked terribly burned, and he floated opposed to touching the deck.



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