USF Constellation

USF Constellation in Baltimore, Maryland

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Built: 1797 (rebuilt in 1853)
Used: 1797 – ?
Type: Frigate
Status: Still standing


The USF Constellation is the first ship to be in the U.S. Navy as well as the oldest commissioned warship in the world. Built as a frigate in 1797, it was rebuilt in 1853 as a sloop of war. It is now part of the Constellation Center Museum, located on Pier 1.

 It’s haunted by the spirits of three sailors from the early 1800s. The first ghost is seen in an old U.S. Navy uniform. His appearances became so frequent that in December, 1955, Navy Commander Brougham was able to take a photograph of him.

The second apparition is sailor Neil Harvey, who is seen in the orlop deck located below the main deck. When he fell asleep on watch duty in 1799, the captain had him strapped to the ship’s gun and shot him into pieces. Harvey’s spirit appeared to a Catholic priest who was touring onboard the ship in 1964. Captain Thomas Truxtum, who ordered Neil Harvey’s execution, also haunts the Constellation.


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