U.S. Military Academy

West Point, New York

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York is said to be haunted by a number of different ghosts. The Superindent’s House is believed to be haunted by a former maid named Molly, who’s spirit goes room to room to mess up freshly made beds.

In the 47th Division Barracks, a ghost of a soldier with a handlebar mustache in an 1830s army uniform, and he is sometimes seen with a musket. He first appeared on October 21st, 1972, seen walking through the door to Room 4714. The next night, two cadets sleeping in the room witnessed his apparition. The room was then investigated by Cadet Captain Keith Bakken, who found the room to be unexplainably cold.

Bakken decided to assign an upperclassman to the room to see if what the cadets were saying was true. The spirit appeared again, this time coming through the walls. Other cadets tried sleeping in the room, only to witness the spirit again and again. All reports stopped abruptly in mid-November,1972 when the commanding officer deemed the room off-limits.



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