Undisclosed Residence in Ponca, Oklahoma

Ponca, Oklahoma

BUILT: Unknown


The undisclosed residence in Ponca, Oklahoma was haunted by Wild West mayor J.W. Lynch and a young boy named Joseph. Tonya Kimble, her two daughters, Hailey (age 15) and KK (age 9), and her boyfriend, Sergio Gonzales, began looking for a place to live in 2011.

After moving in, they started work on redecorating Hailey’s room, beginning by painting it red. Once they had completed one wall, they took a break for lunch, leaving all of the other cans with the lids on. Tonya and Sergio returned no more than 45 minutes later only to find paint spread everywhere throughout the room with the can tipped over.

Neither Hailey nor KK had been in the room at the time, taking away any sort of reasonable explanation. While Sergio was at work, Tonya, Hailey, and KK went to go get more paint. Upon their return back home, they discovered that the front door was lodged shut. The back door was the same way.

Since Sergio was at work, Tonya was forced to kick the back door until it opened. However, once she was inside, she discovered that the bolt had been shut from the inside. When she arrived at the front door, it, too, was bolted from the inside.

Directly after noticing the locked door, the sound of creaking stairs ensued. When Tonya turned around, she found that no one was there.

A few days later, Tonya and KK were alone in the house while Sergio and Hailey had gone out to eat. The two were relaxing in the living room when they both heard the voice of a little boy say “mom”. Being that there were no children outside playing, there was no explanation for it, and Tonya couldn’t begin to explain it when Sergio and Hailey came home.

The entire time, Hailey remained skeptic about the occurrences. One night, she was taking the trash out, and she left the front door wide open. While she was out, the door slammed behind her, and she couldn’t get back in. Tonya helped open the door, but discovered that the bolt was once again shut like before. It was impossible for KK to have done it, being that the bolt was so high.

Later on, a few of the black beads from Hailey’s favorite wooden chest went missing mysteriously, but she figured it was just KK, as she was known to be a prankster. On the night of the same day, KK was watching a movie on her laptop on her bed when she heard a strange sound coming from beneath it.

When she went to investigate, she discovered a gaping hole in the box spring. Within it, she saw the face of a boy. Tonya came to investigate the situation, and found that Hailey’s beads were deep within the box spring where KK couldn’t have possibly hid them.

As time went on, Tonya, too, saw the ghost of the boy, and accepted the fact her house was haunted, and she wanted to do everything within her power to help the little boy. In attempts to help, she contacted a local paranormal team, who suggested that she try recording while asking the spirits questions.

Later that night, Tonya and Sergio held the EVP session in their living room. As they were deciding what to ask, the microphone was thrown from the table to the floor by some unseen entity. In playing back the recording, Tonya discovered that the spirit of the child had answered the question of “What is your name?” with the name Joseph. With Sergio now believing her, she went on to do some research.

At the library, Tonya discovered that the block of houses she lived on used to be called Lynchville, with the former owner of the property named J.W. Lynch. From there, she went to the internet, having come to a dead end at the library.  At home, she was sitting in the living room with her laptop when she began to feel incredibly hot even though the air conditioner was working.

As she described it, it felt like the room had an enormous bonfire in the center. While walking, it felt as if something had burned her side. Suddenly, Tonya heard voices coming from the upstairs, and she grabbed her recorder. No one was there, but she was able to pick up the conversation, with one of the spirits saying “the little girl’s mother is looking”, referring to Tonya, the mother of KK (the little girl), looking for the little boy.

Out of nowhere, Tonya’s laptop began to display terrible phrases that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard she tried to get rid of them. Right when things seemed to stop, the computer was thrown from the table and into the wall, breaking apart.

The smoke detectors began to go off directly after she finished picking up the mess, even though there was no smoke to activate it. Sergio removed the batteries out of the detectors, but Tonya wasn’t able to sleep. Eventually, she contacted a local historian, who told Tonya about Lynchville and J.W. Lynch.

Lynch had been the mayor and namesake of Lynchville, and was known to be mean spirited. He had two sons, one who the historian had records of through adulthood, and the other who had disappeared after the age of five. One of them was named Joseph (believed to be the younger boy).

One night, while Hailey was sleeping in her room, a strange creaking noise woke her up. When she rolled over to see what it was, she discovered that her door was slowly opening with fingers reaching out, prying it open. She screamed, and Tonya rushed in to see what the matter was.

After investigating the closet, she didn’t find anything. Hailey, still disturbed by the incident, refused to sleep in her room. While she and Tonya began to leave the room, a glass water bottle was thrown at her, hitting the wall behind the head. Sergio had been sleeping on his bed when he was rudely awoken by being smacked on the side of the head. At first, he thought it was KK, but discovered that no one was there.

The smoke detectors began to go off even despite the fact there were no batteries in them. Sergio decided to destroy the alarms, and broke them into bits. Meanwhile, the spirit of a burned boy appeared in KK’s room – with her witnessing it. Being financially unable to move, Tonya returned to the historian to see if she had any more information.

The historian stated that Lynch was not in any way a good man, as he even burned down one of his tenants’ house just for the insurance money. As Tonya learned more about Lynchville, she began to believe that Joseph was in the house that Lynch burned down, and that the former owner was trying to hide what he had done by attacking them.

Shortly afterwards, Tonya was sitting in the living room when she felt something cut off her airway, even though no one was there to physically strangle her. She was lifted out of her seat and dragged about the room by her neck like she was a ragdoll. Over the course of the attack, Tonya was beaten, dragged, and shoved into a window face-first before it finally decided to drop her.

In November, 2011, Tonya had a full exorcism performed in her home, and the family has had no more paranormal activity since. Hailey, KK, and Sergio still live in the house with her.

In Popular Culture

  • The house was featured on SyFy Channel’s Paranormal Witness on episode “The Lynchville Secret”.


  1. SyFy. “The Lynchville Secret,” www.SyFy.com



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