The Paulding Light

Paulding, Michigan

STATUS: Still occurring


In the valley just outside of Paulding, Michigan, there is a light that appears that is known as the Paulding Light. The first recorded sighting of the light was in 1966. A group of teenagers witnessed it and reported it to the sheriff. Several other people have seen the odd light since, as it occurs almost every night.

It is believed that the Paulding Light is the lantern of a railroad brakeman killed in an accident. Rumor has it that a railroad once ran through the valley, and the brakeman was killed while trying to stop an oncoming train from crashing into some stopped railway cars on the tracks.

Another version of the story states that the light is the ghost of a mail carrier who was murdered, while a different one says that it is the ghost of a Native American dancing on the powerlines through the valley. Some people believe that it is simply car headlights on the north-south stretch of the US 45, which is roughly five miles north of the Paulding Light.

This theory was tested in 2010 when students from Michigan Tech’s Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) examined the light with a telescope. They clearly saw vehicles and stationary objects on the highway, including an “Adopt a Highway” sign.

Allegedly, they recreated the light by means of driving a car through part of the US 45, among other methods. However, later that same year, SyFy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files tried to recreate the light, but were unable to do so.

In Popular Culture

  • The Paulding Light was featured on SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. They proved that the light was in fact a paranormal occurrence after conducting an EVP session.


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