Brownsville Cemetery

Brownsville, Mexico

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still standing


Brownsville Cemetery, which is also known as “Bloody Hill”, is known to have an evil spirit of a man who was killed in a violent struggle. He was dating the daughter of a wealthy man, and it was discovered she was using him. She claimed that he beat her, and her father ordered that he be killed.

However, her father took it to the extreme, and had him tied down and tortured. The finish him off, they cut off his head. After his murder, his ghost appeared to his girlfriend. The occurrence continued until she eventually went insane.

Now, she is buried in the Brownsville Cemetery under the name Emily Ward. Every night at midnight, the apparition of a man carrying his head will walk towards you, ordering you to leave. One man refused to leave, and he was found decapitated the next day. While no blood was found on his body, it was seen smeared all over Emily Ward’s grave.


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