Alma Cemetery

Alma, Kansas

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still  standing


The Alma Cemetery, located in Alma, Kansas, is haunted by the spirit of an evil man. During the 1800s, a mean old farmer owned the land that the cemetery is now located on. Since the town of Alma was being built at this time, the officials tried to get the farmer off of the land so they could use it as the cemetery. However, the man refused to sell it because it was his.

On one fateful day, he had gone to get some water and he was pushed into the well by someone from behind him. The officials returned a week later to try again, but were greeted by a horrendous stench coming from the well. They reported to the sheriff, who said it was nothing and that the well needed to be boarded up and locked. He also told them that no one was to talk about it (suggesting that it was the sheriff that killed the farmer). The land that once belonged to the farmer had become the Alma Cemetery after much struggle.

During the 1980s, a group of teenagers decided to visit the cemetery to find out if the ghost of the old man lingered behind. One teen was dared to sit on top of the well, and he followed through with it. A loud sound came from behind the teens, and they turned around. Nothing was there, but when they turned back around, the teen on the well was no longer there.

The group figured that it was a prank, and they walked off hoping they would see him the next day. However, the teenager was never found, and he was never seen again. The well has since been nicknamed “the Devil’s Chair”. Several stories of people sitting on the “chair” have been told over the years.

Urban legend states that the Devil’s Chair is haunted by the farmer, and that he reaches through the now-rotted and broken boards. Many think that his haunting is out of revenge on the town since they took his land from him and he was murdered in order for them to get what they wanted.


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