Cedarhurst Mansion

Huntsville, Alabama

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Unknown


Cedarhurst Mansion was established by Stephen Ewing in 1823. The mansion, which was two-stories high and had fifteen-inch thick brick walls, overcame a number of challenges over its time. Many owners have lived in the mansion as well. During the 1950s, a severe thunderstorm rolled in. The ghost of a tall girl with dark hair made her appearance in front of a visitor who was sleeping up stairs. She told him, “Help me! The terrible wind has blown my tombstone over.”.

He thought this was a dream, and went back to sleep. However, on the next morning, he asked if there was a graveyard near Cedarhurst Mansion. The other guests said yes. After being directed to a small plot, he saw that there was in fact a grave that had recently fallen over. It belonged to 16-year-old Sally Carter, the younger sister of Mrs. Ewing. She had died in 1837.



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