Cedarhurst Mansion

Huntsville, Alabama

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Unknown


Cedarhurst Mansion was established by Stephen Ewing in 1823. The mansion, which was two-stories high and had fifteen-inch thick brick walls, overcame a number of challenges over its time. Many owners have lived in the mansion as well. During the 1950s, a severe thunderstorm rolled in. The ghost of a tall girl with dark hair made her appearance in front of a visitor who was sleeping up stairs. She told him, “Help me! The terrible wind has blown my tombstone over.”.

He thought this was a dream, and went back to sleep. However, on the next morning, he asked if there was a graveyard near Cedarhurst Mansion. The other guests said yes. After being directed to a small plot, he saw that there was in fact a grave that had recently fallen over. It belonged to 16-year-old Sally Carter, the younger sister of Mrs. Ewing. She had died in 1837.



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  1. Retha Liveoak says:

    I was wondering if you give ne information I’m with a group N. I.G.H.T.Hawks Paranormal. We were wondering if they allow group to investigate the property. If so can you give use a way to contact them? Thanks for your time and really enjoyed reading your story about the mansion.
    Have blessed day


    1. Hi RethaLiceoak,

      I’m not sure if they allow groups to investigate, so I would definitely seek contacting them. However, I do not have their contact information so I would see if you can find any information locally.

      Ghostly World
      Email at: ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com


      1. Retha Liveoak says:

        Thank you for getting back to me Grateful for you help. Can’t wait for your reply. Have a blessed day Retha Liveoak

        Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 19:05:05 +0000 To: rl4071@hotmail.com


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