Indian Meadows and Shady Grove

Indian Meadows and Shady Grove, Alabama

Adamsville, Alabama

OPERATION TIME: Unknown to Present
STATUS: Still standing


Indian Meadows and Shady Grove – a pair of sister communities situated in Adamsville, Alabama – were built atop ancient Cherokee burial grounds, leaving the area haunted by the restless native spirits. The area has been subject to numerous paranormal reports over the past nearly three-decades. Most all of the activity takes place late at night and the spirits appear to be benign.

Mysterious, dark figures have been known to lurk in the woods that surround the communities; some have been sighted scurrying past windows of houses. Folks who venture out for a walk during the late hours say that they can hear or feel presences following them, only to turn around and realize no one is there.

Homeowners have reported hearing sounds of scratching outside their houses. One man claimed having heard the scratching coming from his front porch. Each time he turned the light on, there was no trace of anyone having been there, human or animal. The next morning, he awoke to find claw marks running down the porch banister.

Other paranormal activity includes disembodied footsteps in hallways and on stairs, sounds of running through the house, doors slamming shut by themselves, electrical equipment turning on and off, and seemingly sourceless voices calling people’s names. In one case, the face of a sobbing man appeared on several doors inside of the house all at once.


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  1. Maybe these are what are commonly called ‘shadow people’?? Thanks for sharing. Regards, Paul


    1. Quite possibly. It would make since being that the neighborhoods are built over Cherokee ground. You are plenty welcome! Thanks for using Ghostly World today.

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