Barnsville, Alabama

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Location: Barnsville, Alabama, USA
County: Marion County
Remains: Unknown
Status: Still standing


Barnsville, Alabama, which is located in Marion County, was an empty town. For many years, there was a blacksmith shop and a grocery store, and the community was built around the two churches (one a Missionary Baptist and the other a Freewill Baptist) and single cemetery. Even despite the fact it is a ghost town, the few who live in the town attend “Decoration Day”, which takes place on the third sunday in May.



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  1. ~Felicia~ says:

    So did you get your other project off the ground? Weren’t you working on something new C?



    1. My other project, the Walking Dead Database, has been worked on a lot. The “personal reasons” were mainly because of some frustrations with Ghostly World’s navigation/theme…that has been resolved and I am happy to say I’m back! I’ve got many websites…too many in my opinion. I am going to put together a website so people who like my stuff can see other works I do on other websites.

      Ghostly World
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      1. ~Felicia~ says:

        Awesome Corky!


      2. Thanks! I’d give you the link to the site, but it contains spoilers…if you ever wanted to see The Walking Dead.

        Ghostly World
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