Leeper Mansion

Leeper, Missouri

BUILT: c. 1800s
STATUS: Unknown


A carpet bagger during the Civil War, Captain Leeper was a cruel man who would beat, shoot, and sometimes hang African-Americans. While they were his preferred targets, he would do the same to anyone who opposed his railroad that was being built. When the time came that he was on his deathbed, he had to be tied down due to the fact he kept screaming he was being attacked by demons.

He, after much struggle, passed away, and was buried in the backyard of the Leeper Mansion, as the family cemetery resided there. Now, at night, he can be seen walking around Leeper Mansion (formerly called Leeper Hollar). He is known to turn lights off and on within the manor, slam doors, and produce strange noises from the bedroom where he died.


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