The Williamsburg Theatre

Williamsburg, Virginia

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present
STATUS: Still standing


The Williamsburg Theater (also known as the Kimball Theater) is haunted by a Union soldier. During the Civil War, the theater was actually a home owned by the Wade family, who was well-known in the area for helping poor families in need of a place to stay, and they often ended up letting them into their own home for a short stay.

Eventually, a severely injured Confederate soldier was taken into the home, and the Wade family tried to heal him and save his life. Despite their attempts, he eventually died. The next day, a group of Union soldiers came to the Wade home searching for Confederates who had taken refuge in Williamsburg, Virginia.

It was discovered that the Confederate soldier was one of the Union soldiers’ brother. Stricken with grief, the soldier died shortly after on the battlefields in Richmond, Virginia, likely distracted by the thought of his brother’s death. Now, the Union soldier haunts the building, searching for his brother in hopes of apologizing to him. The Wade home now serves as a theater called the Williamsburg Theater.


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