Fort Riley

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Location: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Fort
Status: Open


Fort Riley is located in Manhattan Kansas, and is plagued with paranormal activity in various parts of the fort. In the main post, there have been reports of an apparition of an old nurse or caretaker walking through the area. Her name and back story are unknown to this day.

The Artillery Parade Field is the home of a woman wrapped in chains who walks around mysteriously. It is unknown why she was held like this or how she died, but she is considered one of the most intriguing resident spirits.

Formerly a polo field, the Infantry Parade Field is haunted by two men riding on horseback playing polo. If interrupted, they get upset and disappear.

Moon Lake has a nearby Chief’s Circle. Those who camp near it have reported seeing what look like fireflies flying in pairs that don’t separate near the ground. It is believed that the lights are the eyes of Native American warriors protecting the circle, and that they will chase you away. Howling noises can be heard as well.

A fire alarm has been known to go off from the Irwin Army Community Hospital even though there is no fire. The alarm has since been disabled due to the false alarms that attracted the fire departments every time it went off.



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