Park: Council Point Park

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Location: Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA
Founded: Unknown
Type: Park
Status: Open


Council Point Park, located in Lincoln Park, Michigan, is notorious for being filled with drunk bums. One night, a group of teenagers encountered one of them, and he was walking around saying he was tired. The group decided to dare him into doing odd things, and see how many of them he would do.

The final dare was to stand on a concrete wall near a pond and walk to where they had moved his beer can, which was now located at the end of the wall. One of the teens accidentally bumped him, and he fell into the water and drowned. Now, every night at 10:30 PM (the time it happened), the apparition of a bum walking on the wall appears.

However, there have been reports that there is no pond or wall at this park. It is uncertain if this story is true or not.

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  1. Jeff says:

    This story is BS. There is no pond in the park. No pond, no wall, no ghosts. The park is next to the Ecorse River


    1. I’ll update the post. All sources I’ve seen have referenced Council Point Park next to a pond, but since you, I’m guessing, live near the park, I’ll trust you on that. However, people have had paranormal experiences there – we can’t rule out ghosts simply because we don’t believe in them.

      Ghostly World
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  2. Ian Vansickle says:

    I live about 5 minutes walking distance from this park, and I know there’s no pond, just a river. BUT, I know exactly where this wall is and I’ve even stood on it a few times to skip rocks with my dad and siblings when we were younger. I never knew this place was supposed to be haunted until just a couple days ago.


    1. Ian Vansickle says:

      To clarify, it’s not exactly a wall, more like just a cement platform about 10-15 feet long, if memory serves correctly.


  3. TATIANA OZUNA says:

    No pond, but yes to the “wall”, it is more of a platform however. I’m 24, lived in LP all my life and heard these rumors when I was like 15. Never tried it though. Maybe I’ll go soon, now that Halloween is near. Lol, of I do, I’ll update on here with pics.


    1. Thank you for the information. We’ll update the post.

      Ghostly World


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