Ospedale Pedagogico di Aguscello

Ferrera, Italy

BUILT: 1870s
OPERATION TIME: c. 1870s to 1970
STATUS: Abandoned


Ospedale Pedagogico di Aguscello (also known as the Ospedale Psichiatrico Infantile di Aguscellois) is haunted by the “insane” children who used to live at the hospital. The nuns that worked there are believed to have tortured the patients, and there are some on-site graves suggesting that they killed them.

Originally, it was built as a residence in the 1870s, but the building changed several times over the years. Eventually, it was purchased by Doctor Bernardi, who wanted to turn it into a tuberculosis hospital. It was sold to the Italian Red Cross, called Croce Rossa, in 1940.

It converted into a hospital for children with both physical and mental illnesses. Ospedale Pedagogico di Aguscello closed in 1970, and it has been abandoned for more than 40 years. It is unknown if the building will return to use.


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