Old Salem Church and Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri

Farmington, Missouri

BUILT: Unknown (rebuilt in the 1930s)
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


It is said that the old church used to have a furnace in the middle of it during the 1800s. One night, one of the church’s servers slept in side the building, and the entire church burned down. The fire was so intense that the body of the boy was practically incinerated, and it was never found. A tombstone was placed in the cemetery in honor of the boy.

Even despite the fact it was rebuilt in the 1930s, the church was condemned due to its slanting walls. Now, it is said that if you go to the fence at night, the sky gets strangely hazy. Spirits of people can be seen walking around behind it. When you turn to leave, the apparition of a young man will appear at the fence, watching you. Urban legend states that the tires of your car (provided that you are driving one) will get stuck in the road.


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