Ramoji Film City, India

Location: Hyderabad, India, Asia
Established: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: City
Status: Still standing


Ramoji Film City, similar to Universal Studios in the United States, is a city used for movie purposes. It is said that the city was built over the war grounds of the Nizam Sultans, leading to the haunting of the large film city located inside of Hyderabad.

Inside the city’s hotels, many witnesses have reported lights on the ceiling falling off, with several people receiving bad injuries from this happening. Food left in the rooms get scattered around, strange writings resembling Urdu (the language used by the Sultans) appear, and odd markings are scratched into the mirror.

The ghostly Sultans appear to enjoy haunting girls and women the most. They tear their clothes, knock on the bathroom doors, and otherwise cause mayhem. Even though many preventive measures have been taken to get rid of the spirits, they always come back.



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