Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore, Illinois

BUILT: 1916
STATUS: Open as a tourist destination


The Ashmore Estates has been haunted for several years, and it was off-limits to the public for twenty years. For a long while (from 1987 to 2006), the building was abandoned. Built in 1916, the three-story brick building was built on the Country Poor Farm. The residents that lived there had little to nothing in their possession. The home remained a poor farm until 1956, when the house was transformed into a center for the mentally disabled.

The building closed for good in 1987, but the lingering spirits of those who called the facility home remained. Full-body apparitions have been seen in the building (some of which have been recorded) and the sounds of people talking. There have even been reports of trespassers experiencing the paranormal, despite visiting the building at the time was illegal.

Now, Ashmore Estates is open to the public, and it holds a paranormal event called “Night of Insanity”. During October, 2012, the estates featured an event called the “Ashmore Estates Asylum”.

In Popular Culture

  • Ashmore Estates was featured on Ghost Hunters episode “Permanent Residents”.
  • It was investigated on Ghost Adventures episode “Ashmore Estates”.
  • SyFy Channel original movie Children of the Grave II was filmed there featuring the Booth Brothers.
  • One of the first investigations to take place at the Ashmore Estates was by Haunted Times Magazine in 2006.


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