Heady Lane Cemetery

Heady Cemetery in Fishers, Indiana

Location: Fishers, Indiana, USA
Built: Early 1800s
Status: Still standing


Heady Lane Cemetery, located in Fishers, Indiana, has headstones that date as far back as the early 1800s. The cemetery got its name from the Heady family, which make up a large number of the graves at the site. It is haunted by various spirits, particularly along the Hollow at 126th Street in Fishers at Allisonville Road.

Every Halloween, the Conner Prarie organization tells the tale of the ghost of a grave-robber who dug up bodies, and one night, he dug up the body of his own son. Riddled with guilt, the robber now haunts the graveyard. Another tale states that Heady Hollow once featured a school house owned by the Heady family during the late 1800s. It burned down, killing several children. Their ghosts can be seen on foggy nights.

However, the Hamilton County Historical Society’s records have no evidence that there ever was a school in Heady Hollow. A newspaper article by Georgianne Neal featured in the Noblesville Ledger on June 4th, 1979 featured information about the Heady Hollow legend. The tale was also part of Ronald Baker’s book, Hoosier Ghosts, but the location name is wrongly identified. Both the hollow and the cemetery are part of the Haunted Hamilton County bus tour.

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