River Banks, Canals, and Marshes of Jajira, Shariatpur, Bangladesh

Jajira, Shariatpur, Bangladesh

STATUS: Still standing


The river banks, canals, and marshes of Jajira, Bangladesh have had several odd occurrences happen at them. During the late hours of night, reddish-colored balls of fire roughly the size of a tennis ball can be seen for a few seconds before they are seemingly extinguished.

There have also been sightings of 3-foot tall apparitions that float in the air with soccer-ball sized heads. Locally, they are known as the “Aeya-Daano”, or “fire devils”. They have been known to roam the marshes searching for fish. Luckily, the spirits and fireballs seem to be benign, as locals call them “a part of the rural setting”.


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