Mission Inn

Riverside, California

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


The Mission Inn is a fancy hotel located in Riverside, California. Being an older hotel, it has been described as “spooky” by those who have visited and seen it. Featuring an Olympic-sized pool and a fitness center for visitors, it entertains more than just the living.

Before the construction of the pool, a 12-room cottage owned by the Miller family stood. Originally, the Mission Inn was owned by C.C. Miller until he sold it to his son, Frank, in 1900. The newer building today took 47 years to build (from 1900 to 1947), and it was mostly managed by Frank’s sister, Alice, up until her death in the late 1940s.

One of the Mission Inn’s employees remembers an elderly man receiving the key to a room on one of the upper stories since the lower floors were not available due to the construction. The next morning, the employee asked the man if everything was alright in his room, and he replied saying that all was well, particularly the woman singing in the room next to his. However, the man was the only tenant on the floor, meaning no one could have been providing the beautiful vocal performance.


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