Manor Grove Nursing Home

Manor Grove Nursing Home in Kirkwood, Missouri

Location: Kirkwood, Missouri, USA
Built: Unknown
Operating Time: Unknown
Status: Open


The residents of Manor Grove Nursing Home that suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s have complained of a little boy who plays in their room at night and tends to wake them up. It is said that it is the ghost of a little boy who was killed on the nearby railroad tracks during the 1950s or 60s.

Oddly, sightings occur in clusters, meaning he will not be seen for a while, then all kinds of activity seems to happen. Being that the patients are not alert enough to do so, it eliminates the possibility of them creating a hoax or a trick on the staff. Nurses have also reported odd happenings, such as a dark shadowy figure above one of the patient’s bed, smoothing the covers. The nurse who witnessed it thought it was someone giving care to the elderly person, but they disappeared as soon as the lights were turned on.

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