St. Louis City Hospital

St. Louis, Missouri

BUILT: c. 1906
OPERATION TIME: c. 1906 to 1985
STATUS: Under renovations


The Old City Hospital, more widely known as the St. Louis City Hospital, was the city’s primary public hospital and, for most of the 20th century, ran as a multi-level and multi-building complex. By 1970, it had reached a total of twelve buildings, seven of which remain today.

The hospital was abandoned in 1985 when the hospital moved to a more centralized location on Delmar Avenue. Selective demolition began in 2002 in hope of renovation. Work stopped for three years, and resumed in 2006. Condominiums opened in 2006. Now named “The Georgian”, surrounding structures have begun their renovations. Paranormal activity includes apparitions looking out the windows, blood-curdling screams, and sensations of being watched.


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