Matt’s Bridge

Viola, Iowa

BUILT: Unknown


It is believed that if you drive onto Matt’s Bridge and you park it/shut it off in the middle of the bridge, you will be pushed by the ghosts of those who have died on the bridge or near it. Those who have experienced this have reported seeing things and hearing things outside of the car. Once you leave the road, you will notice that there are handprints are all over your car (some of them may be yours).

It is also believed that coming on the bridge and doing this too many times will result in angering the spirits to the point where they either break your windows or try to push you off the bridge (this has been known to happen even on your first attempt if they had a bad night). If your windows are rolled down, strange noises can be heard from the woods, including voices.

A similar phenomena was on an episode of SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files that took place in San Antonio, Texas. The “pushing” turned out to be just a downhill road. Since people reported seeing handprints in baby powder (they put it on their car after the car had been “pushed”), it was proven that the powder simply picked up the oils from the owner’s hands, as they did not appear when the car was washed first.


  1. Forgotten USA. “Matts Bridge,”



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  1. This sounds really creepy 😮
    Talking about a bunch of angry ghosts…


    1. It would be pretty creepy if it is real. I saw a show called “Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files” (it’s one of my favorite paranormal investigation shows because they question everything about the evidence), and they were able to prove a similar case to be fake (but it wasn’t a hoax, it was just oils from people’s hands on the car from before and a slight and undetected slant). But if it is real, completely creepy! o_O

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  2. Yeah, not all ghost stories can be true. But indeed, if this one’s real: daaaaamn!


    1. Yeah…major O_______________________________O

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