The National Hotel in Nevada City, California

Nevada City, California

BUILT: Late 1800s
OPERATION TIME: Late 1800s to present


The National Hotel was built during the late 1800s in Nevada City, California. It was restored relatively recently, with the exception of the left wing. Manifestations include flickering lights, cold spots, and an eerie feeling inside the non-restored wing. During its day, the hotel saw many miners, who are thought the cause the activity. Many tourists come looking for paranormal activity here.


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  1. I think you mean ‘cold spots’ instead of cold sports 😉 But beside that, I loved the post! 😀 as always x


    1. XD I did write that post at 11:00 PM…so I can believe it. I’ll go fix it. THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT THOUGH! XD


      1. haha sorry, I’m a grammar nazi :p I tried to keep it in, but guess I failed :p


      2. Oh no please don’t hold it in! I need to know where my grammar is bad…sometimes I just type too fast. Plus, spell check doesn’t pick up stuff like “cold spot” and “cold sport”…


      3. that’s true, but I’m sure that when native English speakers would come and read my posts, my bad use of words and grammar would give them a heart attack so :3


      4. Hehe. Don’t worry about it. :T


      5. I’ll try not to O:)


  2. can’t promise that I won’t though :3 😉


    1. :T Ok. I’m just hoping that I don’t feel any cold sports.


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