Belasco Theater

New York City, New York

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to unknown
STATUS: Still standing (possibly demolished)


For more than fifty years, the Belasco Theater, located in New York City, New York, has been considered one of the most haunted places in America. Hauntings have been occurring ever since the death of David Belasco, the former owner of the theater as well as its namesake, in 1931.

For years, the theater was used for vaudeville acts, but it later became a strip club called the Follies. In 1965, visitors reported seeing the ghost of a redheaded woman in white costume. She has been reported throwing vases across the manager’s office, and she has been seen descending the staircase.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the woman resembled a former showgirl and stripper at the theater who had hung herself in the basement. David Belsasco’s paranormal activity includes the sound of parties in his empty rooms, an empty elevator going up to his suite, and his ghostly apparition appearing in different places.

According to Dennis William Hauck’s book, Haunted Places: The National Directory, the building was demolished. However, most other sources list the theater as “still standing”.


  1. Hauck, Dennis William. Haunted Places: The National Directory



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