Kadesh Methodist Church

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Location: Kadesh, North Carolina, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Methodist
Status: Open


The Kadesh Methodist Church has had its share of paranormal activity for more than seventy years. The oddest of its happenings is music emanating from the organ even when no one is near it. There have been sightings of an organ player’s apparition, however. The first paranormal activity at the church was recorded on a November morning after World War II.


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  1. all caused by the War I tells ya!


    1. XD


      1. :p sorry, got carried away for a second there :p


      2. Its alright. You may have noticed I get a little carried away sometimes too…


      3. I like that 😀


      4. Thanks. At least someone does 😀


      5. haha, poor you ^^x


      6. XD


      7. :p x


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