Old Leon County Jail

Tallahassee, Florida

BUILT: Unknown (original jail), c. 1990s (new jail)
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to c. 1960s, c. 1990s to present


The old Leon County Jail was considered to be haunted before it closed during the 1960s. There were reports of odd happenings, such as the sensation of being pushed, feeling someone pass by on the stairs, mysterious shadows, the feeling of not being alone, pounding on the wals, and the extremely heavy and locked cell doors opening and closing.

A new Leon County Jail was built in the early 1990s on the same location as the old jail. Among some of the more notable inmates at the time was serial killer Ted Bundy. Inside the facility, officers and medical staff have seen the ghost of a woman in period clothing walking around in the halls and crying at night in the medical department.


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13 Comments Add yours

  1. sounds creepy as hell o_O


      1. especially the crying woman o_O


      2. Yeah. I’m curious to know more about why she was crying.


      3. me too! 😮 let’s go find out!


      4. Hehe. I wonder if I can find it online…


      5. Aw…just did a search and there isn’t anything on it. Mine came up on top….oh well…we’ll never know I guess unless some kind of historical record is found. Too bad…I wanted to know what happened :/


      6. me too! 😦 maybe one day, we’ll find out? 😀 and if not, we just go investigate it ourselves? 😀


      7. I think that’s how it would work out.


  2. AHS says:

    While working there as an officer, I saw a shadow figure in the medical department.


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