Ghost: Laurie May Maumsey (The Ozark Madonna)

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Name: Laurie May Maumsey (“The Ozark Madonna”)
Gender: Female
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Category: Ghost of a Woman, Ghost of a Baby
Sighting: Ozark Mountains, Missouri, USA

The ghost of who is believed to be Laurie May Maumsey has been seen barefoot holding a baby in the ridges of the Ozark Mountains. Maumsey lived in a cabin in the foothills during the 1930s. Sometime during the decade, her drunk threatened to beat the baby unless she gave him money.

They struggled and fought, which caused the infant to slip from her grasp and die on impact from a concussion after hitting the stone floor. Not long after, Laurie May Maumsey committed suicide. Now, her ghost wanders the mountains with her baby in her arms.


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  1. flujan says:

    Hum?? I love your ghostly tidbits!


    1. Thanks. I’ll be posting at least five a day for the next week or two. If there are any haunts you’d like to see, I do take suggestions.

      Ghostly World
      Email At:


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