Badlands National Park

Badlands, South Dakota

FOUNDED: Unknown


The Badlands National Park was the site of the Native American Ghost Dance, a sacred ceremony that lasted for several days meant to instill the tribe members with the powerful spirit energy. The United States Cavalry wanted to stop the ceremonies at once, and their attempts to try and end them built up to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.

To this day, the Badlands are still extremely sacred to the Sioux Tribe, who had originally named the area “Mako Sica”, meaning “Land Bad to Travel Through”. Since the wind is constant wand has no breaks, it creates almost alien structures out of the soft rock. In many areas, fossils have been exposed because of the erosion.

In Native American folklore, it is said that the barren area of the Badlands was formed in one day after the earth spewed fire to end meaningless fighting between two native tribes that used to live there.



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