Goodrich House

Templeton, Massachusetts

BUILT: c. 1770s
STATUS: Still standing


Built by Ebenezer Goodrich during the Revolutionary War, the two-story home contains the spirit of Goodrich’s ghost. It is said that loud footsteps and pounding noises can be heard late at night. Some visitors have also reported seeing the ghost of a man standing by the end of the best. Another ghost, an unknown woman, has been seen sleeping in the guest bedroom’s bed. Those who have seen her say that when they look at her, she vanishes within seconds. Despite the fact that the spirits were not demonic, the former owners put up religious paintings and spread holy water throughout the house to protect themselves. Paranormal activity still fills the home.




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  1. so did they stop haunting the place then? since the owners hung up religious things , even though the ghosts were not demonical.


    1. I’m not sure. I’ll look it up.


      1. You’re welcome! It says that you can still hear ghostly sounds.


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