Murrell’s Hideout

Farmington, Tennessee

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Burned down


The house served as the hideout for John Murrell and his outlaw gang (hence the name ‘Murrell’s Hideout’), and they often met up there to discuss things. One night, an argument about money erupted and it resulted in the killing of one of the gang members. Oddly, the blood stains refused to be washed away when the rest of the gang tried to cover up the evidence. A later resident of the house, Mrs. W. C. Ransom, covered them up by applying wall paper. In 1968, the house was struck by lighting, caught fire, and burned to the ground. The killed outlaw is still said to haunt the area, even though the house was destroyed.



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19 Comments Add yours

  1. awesome story ! 😮 x


    1. Thanks. Special thanks to the guys who died in order for this story to be awesome 😀


      1. haha, fair enough :p x


      2. 🙂 And thanks to all the lives who were lost at the asylums just because of the evil and derranged doctors. The patients deserve a little attention here. The good kind.


      3. again, true. poor bastards…


      4. Being a ghost would be so exhausting. I mean, there’s no end to it o,O


      5. now you’re mention it… actually it has to be. But I guess, since they’re not really alive alive they don’t have energy and therefore never get tired. right?


      6. True, true….but I think you’d hit a point where you’d just want out of it…and suicide isn’t exactly an option that’d work….


      7. … good point again…


      8. I don’t want to be a ghost o.o

        It’d be fun for a little while…but it’d lose its fun after about a month.


      9. true. I wouldn’t want to be one as well. It’s so lonely..


      10. Yeah…and who knows how they see the world.


      11. they might be angry, sad, …


      12. Exactly…but maybe they see the world differently


      13. It’s kind of weird to think about it though o_O


      14. sure is. But fascinating as well


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