Snowball Mansion

Sacramento, California

BUILT: 1877
STATUS: Open as bed & breakfast


Built by Englishman John Wells Snowball in 1877, the Snowball Mansion belonged to the Snowball family until 1944. The mansion was built for Lucy Knight Snowball, John’s wife, and everything was happy up until one fateful night. Lucy had gone to check on their only child and discovered that it wasn’t breathing, and had died of unknown causes.

Lucy fell into a heavy depression, and never fully recovered from the event. The two-story Snowball Mansion houses her ghost. It is said that she walks the long halls after dark, rings the doorbell at odd hours, rattles the windows, turns lights on and off, and she has been seen walking through the bedroom door. The mansion now serves as a bed and breakfast.


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  1. love the story ! (I have thing for paranormal things :3 ), but I do find it kind of … how to say it in English euhm… inapropriate in a way that the house is now used as a B&B, unless the hauntings have stopped by now?x


    1. Hauntings are definetly very fascinating. The haunnts continue to this day, and it’s strange that so many historical haunts have been turned into B&Bs.
      – Ghostly World


      1. it really is. I mean, I get it, having a B&B with a history is free advertising, it spreads the word. And since most people don’t believe in ghosts these days…
        Still, since I do believe in ghosts and such, there’s no way I’d stay there. Or open a B&B there, you just might upset the ghost already haunting there even more…


      2. That’s a really good point. I think, though, that we’ll prove ghosts real in the next few years (we’ll still have our skeptics, of course).
        – Ghostly World
        P.S. If you ever have a question, you can email me at


      3. ah yes, the skeptics, those are the kind of people that pisses ghosts of the most. With their ignorance. Of course, everyone his/her own opinion and stuff but still. you don’t have to believe in them, as long as you respect them. We must never underestimate the power of the dead.
        thx! I surely will!


      4. Skeptics almost always cause the ghosts to materialize more violently. The show “The Haunted” has proved that when you notice something odd, don’t brush it off…it could be paranormal. It also seems people like to mess around with them. We just need to remember that they’re already dead; we’re not…and that means they are one step ahead of us…we can’t kill them, but they can kill us if they really wanted to.
        – Ghostly World


  2. True and true.
    Besides, since you have different types of ghosts, you should be even more careful when coming in contact with one. If you’re lucky, you get a nice one, just a poor soul from an unfortunate person that either doesn’t even realize that he/she is dead, or is stuck down here by a reason whatsoever. But it’s more likely that you end up with an evil one, cursed to stay down here for eternity, wandering between life and dead. Not able to materialize in either world. Looking for vengeance, or to hurt people.There are so many kinds.


    1. It’s odd how many different kinds of dead people there can be. I mean, our evil ones are typically either ghosts who are of people with fiery/strong personalities or demons (you’ll need to be careful around these kinds, as they have the power to possess people). Suprisingly, there are many benign spirits in the world as well…some of which we never know we have. A lot of them seem to replay history…those are the kind I have trouble explaining. Is it a relapse of time? Someone cursed to relive a moment in their life? Or that was somebody’s “happy time” and just choose to relive it? We might learn eventually…maybe not.
      – Ghostly World


  3. It’s a never ending expedition to find out.


    1. Exactly.
      – Ghostly World


  4. James Fuhring says:

    As the former owner of the Snowball Mansion, and the one that started the B&B, we did ask the permission of Lucy Knight Snowball to start the B&B. She gave us her permission and was very supportive of our venture. Now the people we sold it to is a whole other story.


    1. I’m actually glad to hear you asked her permission – a lot of people who purchase haunted buildings modify them without asking first, and the haunts are pretty intense.

      Ghostly World
      Email At:


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