Ghost: Mary Wheeldon

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Name: Mary Wheeldon
Gender: Female
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Category: Ghost of a Woman
Sighting: Covington, Kentucky, USA

Mary Wheeldon has been sighted in the countryside near Covington, Kentucky with her stallion, Hussar’s Gold. In the 1890s, she owned Corbett Acres, a horse breeding farm, but the family had problems that caused her to lose the farm and everything she owned. After losing the farm, she and her horse escaped into the forest and lived there.

Two men from Lexington discovered her after she had lived there for twelve years. People and relatives started to visit her, but she wanted her privacy. The rest of her forest-surrounded life was spent with Hussar’s Gold. Now, many people have seen her ghost and the horse’s ghost. It is said that she is wearing a calico dress and walks slowly alongside the horse.


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