Rocklin High School

Rocklin, California

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


The Rocklin High School’s theater is said to be haunted by a ghost named “Billy.” Two students that were helping a teacher paint the walls of the theater after school saw the word “HELP” mysteriously written on an unpainted wall. The word wasn’t there earlier, and it was not vandalism.

Another incident occurred when a cell phone was found after school and locked up in a cupboard for three days. A student opened the cupboard, having heard it ringing. On the third day, he dried to pick it up but it was too late. He dialed the number that called, and a student that had graduated’s cell phone rang. The boy who found the phone asked why the graduate had called him, but she said she did not call the boy. The phone had been locked up all weekend, and the teacher was the only one with the key.


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  1. Kayleigh Williams says:

    I have had only two sightings of “Billy” during my years at Rocklin High. My first one was during my freshman year when I was in a play. It was pitch dark and I saw a black figure sitting where no one could get to and it waved at me. The second sighting was during my sophomore year in a choir concert. I was walking through the scene shop and as I was looking down at my feet, I see a boy walk past me and go into the scene shop. When I asked if there was anyone back there at the time, everone answered “no”. I think that Billy likes seeing me perform because I have seen him every time I was about to go on stage. To me, he gives me confidence.


    1. Still, that’s really amazing you got to see “Billy”. Sounds fun to have a phantom fan!

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