Undisclosed Private Residence 1 (Seen on A Haunting)

Undisclosed, USA

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still standing


Lisa Wilson, a single mother with two daughters, had recently broken up with her boyfriend, Dan. After Dan moved out, Lisa found an old photo of a soldier killed in the Vietnam War. It was Dan’s brother, Michael. She decided to get it scanned and blown up to give to Dan for his 40th birthday.

However, Dan refused the gift, saying that his brother was a “sore subject that the family refused to talk about”. Lisa soon became certain that Michael’s ghost was stalking her. She became obsessed with him despite the fact she had never met him. Her sister, Carol, tried to break the obsession, but there was a supernatural cause preventing her (a cause thought to be induced by Michael wanting to make his presence known).

On one night, Lisa’s daughters (ages eight and ten at the time) saw Michael in their bedroom, confirming Lisa’s belief in the soldier’s ghost. On a different night, a strange occurrence happened involving the radio emitting a military distress call from the Vietnam War saying that a group of troops was ambushed. Lisa thought that it may have been the battle that Michael died in.

Eventually, an evil entity came into the home (not Michael) that imitated Michael’s actions. The terrifying attacks began to make Michael protect Lisa and her daughters as well as drive out the demonic entity.  In order to remove the evil entity and put Michael’s soul to rest, Lisa called in a psychic medium.

During the psychic session, Lisa talked with Steven, the evil entity, who confesses to copying Michael. Michael then drove Steven out of the house and called Lisa ‘the gateway to heaven’. Then, the psychic medium led Michael to the light after he apologized for scaring Lisa and her daughters. Now, Lisa keeps a picture in her room to honor the soldier who lost his life for his country.

In Popular Culture

  • The house was featured on A Haunting on the episode “Ghost Soldier.”




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    1. Thanks! I’ll look on YouTube to see if I can find the episode of A Haunting that it was on.


      1. yay, that would be great!


      2. I’ll see if I can find it for ya 😀


  1. Mary C. says:

    I can actually relate to this story.
    I have a 2nd cousin whom was also KIA in the Vietnam War, and I have a strong tight connection with him even though I didn’t get to know him in person.


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