Charleville Castle

Co. Offaly, Ireland

BUILT: c. 1798
STATUS: Still standing


The Charleville Castle was part of the ancient monastic site of Lynally in the 6th century. The land was later used when Dublin started to feel threatened by the wild tribes of the West. By the 1500s, the O’Moore clan secured their location in the area, which lasted until the late 1800s.

The castle was fully designed by Francis Johnston in early 1798, and it was built by Charles Bury, 1st Earl of Charleville. William Morris created the ceiling within the dining room. The castle was once inhabited by Lord Byron, who would throw many parties in there.

Despite this, the castle remained uninhabited for a long time after 1912, and the roof was removed in 1968. Michael McMullen began restoration on the castle in 1971, later joined by Constance Heavey Seaquist and Bonnie Vance. The castle is said to be haunted by a girl who lost and went to the top of the tallest tower, and eventually went sliding down the stairs and broke her neck.

In Popular Culture

  • The castle has been featured on Most Haunted, Scariest Places on Earth, and Ghost Hunters International (“Castle of the Damned”).
  • The castle was used as a locations for Becoming Jane (2007) and Northanger Abbey (2007).


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