Old Town Tatu

Chicago, Illinois

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


Old Town Tatu, a tattoo parlor in Chicago, Illinois, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Founder Rich “Tapeworm” Herrerra once instigated a fight with the ghosts that were believed to haunt the parlor, and he challenged them to a fight to the death. Herrerra died just three weeks later in the building.

The building used to be the Klemundt Funeral Parlor in the 1920s (some records say it was the funeral parlor in the 1880s). The ghosts of the bodies who came through the funeral parlor as well as Herrerra are known to haunt Old Town Tatu. Herrerra’s friends have reported feeling his presence.

In Popular Culture


  1. Old Town Tatu. “Official Website,” www.oldtowntatu.com



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  1. Frank Skony says:

    The Building was built in 1923 by my Great Grandfather, John A. Klemundt. Some research done seems to point towards a previous funeral home being on the site, and that the building may have been built on the prior Parlor’s Foundations. Klemundt Funeral Home was at a different location prior to 1923, although still in the neighborhood. The business was in operation from 1908 until 2004, when my Uncle sold the property. 2 of my cousins are still Funeral Directors in the Chicagoland area, carrying on the family business as it were. It might also be noted that the 2 story storefront to the East was also built by my Great Grandfather in 1927, which is why those 2 buildings share a back yard… The new chapel to the west, which is now a Mortgage company, was built in 1955. after 1955, the Old Chapel was seldom used, usually just for family parties and get togethers. After about the Mid 70s, only the front section was used as a Coffee room, and the back was my Uncle’s woodworking shop. Until 2004, this was really considered to be our family’s home base, and we all hold this place dear in our hearts and memories.


    1. Wow! Thanks for the amazing back story! One thing amazing about running this site is meeting all of these amazing people with stories to tell about these locations. Thank you so much, Frank!

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