Ghost: Grancer Harrison

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Name: William “Grancer” Harrison
Gender: Male
Born: 1789
Died: 1860
Category: Ghost of a Man
Sighting: Harrison Cemetery, Kinston, Alabama, USA


William “Grancer” Harrison (1789-1860) is still seen at the Harrison Cemetery, as well as his old dance hall. He came to Alabama in the 1830s and built a large plantation. He and his wife, Nancy, had several children; Elizabeth, Mary, Charlotte, James M., Frances, Sarah, John A., William A., Moses M., and Martha Jane.

Grancer was very successful when it came to cotton planting and selling, and it said that he owned the most slaves in the county. Those slaves had nicknamed him “Grand-sir”, which eventually became “Grancer” overtime. Grancer hosted barbeques, dances, and horse races on every Saturday that he possibly could, and eventually had his slaves build a dance hall for the parties.

As time passed, Grancer made some final arrangements since he was getting old. His burial site was to be near the dance hall. Grancer died in 1860. The dance hall and the Saturday parties failed terribly without the happy Grancer Harrison to lead them. However, Grancer was not completely gone…many saw him playing his fiddle and dancing in the cemetery.



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