Alameda Insane Asylum

Alameda Insane Asylum in Alameda, California

Alameda, California

BUILT: Unknown (at least 100 years old)
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to unknown
STATUS: Burned down in 2009


Not much is known about the Alameda Insane Asylum, and the operation time of the asylum is amongst the unknown. However, it was easily over one hundred years old when it burned to the ground in 2009. The asylum closed sometime during the 19th or 20th century. All records as to who owned it have seemingly been lost in time.

The asylum has been nicknamed the “haunted insane asylum” due to its number of ghost stories. When it was opened as a mental hospital, patients were abused, tortured, beaten, and murdered, and they were treated overall very poorly. Many suicides occurred in the basement, most of them via hanging.

Loud screams could be heard within the hospital itself after the hospital closed for good. Presences could be felt, and ghostly faces would appear in the windows. The spirit of a young boy used to be seen running through the corridors, and blinds, curtains, and drapes would be moved on their own. Several spiritual residents have been known to appear at the Alameda Insane Asylum.

Sadly, the piece of history was lost when a fire burned it to the ground in 2009. Firefighters were able to put out the blaze, but not soon enough to save the building. No lives were lost, but the area remains haunted by the souls of those who did die in the facility when it was used.


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