Bridge: Atalla Wood Bridge

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Location: Atalla, Alabama, USA
Built: Unknown
Status: Open


Legend has it that a bus full of kids fell off the Atalla Wood Bridge, and were either killed from the impact or drowned. People have said that if you go to the bridge at night, and put only the front wheels of your car on the right side of the bridge after putting it in neutral, the ghosts of the children in the accident will push your car across so you don’t suffer their same fate.

A similar phenomena was on an episode of SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files that took place in San Antonio, Texas. The “pushing” turned out to be just a downhill road. Since people reported seeing handprints in baby powder (they put it on their car after the car had been “pushed”), it was proven that the powder simply picked up the oils from the owner’s hands, as they did not appear when the car was washed first.

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