Bridge: Bridge in Refuge

Bridge in Refuge in Clanton, Alabama

Location: Clanton, Alabama, USA
Built: Unknown
Status: Open


The bridge in Refuge, Alabama is a one-lane crossing that is considered to be in the “middle of nowhere”. If visited at night, odd sounds can be heard and strange light orbs can be seen. People have reported that when you get out of your car, you’ll be chased by a dark entity and feel an evil presence.



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  1. anon says:

    I’m with the South Paranormal Investigators. You do not get chased by anything; we went last night. There is also more then one spirit there. We only saw the lady just like the story goes. You do hear strange noises. I personally felt something poke me twice in my back close to my neck. I showed everybody. Turned out it was a scratch. The spirit wouldnt quit touching me there. There’s definitely something evil there.


    1. Hi anon,
      Thanks for sharing your story — it is always great to receive a personal encounter like this. Were you able to get any photos of the apparition of the woman?

      Ghostly World
      Email At:


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