Bayview Bridge

Bayview Bridge in Mobile, Alabama

Mulga/Bayview, Alabama

BUILT: Unknown


The Bayview Bridge is a notorious haunt in Mulga/Bayview, Alabama, but several versions of the story make it hard to know which one is real.

“Runaway Bride”

A young woman ran away from her wedding, driving down the bridge when she accidentally went over the side. There have been reports of an apparition of a woman in a wedding dress.

“New Wedding Dress”

A soon-to-be bride was going to pick up her wedding dress made by a woman in Bayview, Alabama. On her way back home from picking it up, she was attacked and killed by a pack of wild dogs. Reports of a woman in a wedding dress have been made.

“Drowned Child”

A young woman and her baby were knocked into the water beneath the bridge by a passing truck where they both drowned. Now, people have reported seeing her walking back and forth, pacing the bridge, in search of her baby.




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7 Comments Add yours

  1. The third one is the saddest 😦


    1. Yeah 😦
      There are a lot of haunted bridges that women with babies haven’t had such good of luck on.

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      1. That’s true, or well…accidents, suicides, broken hearts…


      2. True….I’m sure there are more of those than what I said earlier…haha

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  2. Tom says:

    In checking out the story, while it is an intriguing tale, it turns out that the bridge in NOT in Mobile, AL, but in Mulga/Bayview, AL just to the north and east of Birmingham. Sorry, but I do a haunted history tour for Mobile and would have LOVED to have used this story, but I do my best to research the tale when at all possible.


    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the information!

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