Albertville Public Library

Albertville, Alabama

BUILT: 1900
OPERATION TIME: 1900 to present


Prior to its operation as the Albertville Public Library, the site was used as a house but was demolished sometime in 1900. While no one ever died on the site, the former owners of the house haunt the area because they were mad at the people who tore down their home to build a library.

Workers and volunteers at the Albertville Public Library have claimed that the elevator operates by itself with no one inside as well as water turning on and off in an empty bathroom. In most cases, these occurrences happen early in the morning when the first employee comes to work on their own.


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  1. forgottenillawarra says:

    As a librarian, I find this concept super cool. There is something so unnerving about libraries – I always hate to be the first one in in the morning! And shelving down the back late at night, you always feel as though someone is watching.


    1. As a fan of ghosts and hauntings for years, I had never thought of libraries as being ‘scary’ or haunted…I’ve always associated old abandoned hospitals with the topic…but, then again, I suppose anything could be haunted. Have you ever had any paranormal events at your library?

      Ghostly World
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      1. forgottenillawarra says:

        No, not really. I suppose it just feels eerie because it’s so silent. It can be quite oppressive. However I did live next door to an abandoned school for a number of years that backed on to an empty field. Now that place was terrifying.


      2. Oh, ok. I think everyone can agree that (for the most part) silence is creepier than noise. Any little noise would freak you out. The abandoned school…now that sounds freaky.

        Ghostly World
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