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Welcome to Ghostly World, one of the world’s leading databases about ghosts, haunted places, ghost towns, and abandoned buildings from across the globe.

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If you are looking for haunted places, abandoned buildings, and ghost towns, then this is where to go. We’ve got hundreds of locations to browse, so go ahead! Dive on in!

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If you’re new to the site or not sure where to start, why not take a chance and go to a random haunted or abandoned location featured on our site? With over five-hundred available, there’s no knowing where you’re going!

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We are collecting funds to make a donation to FieldHaven Feline Center in addition to sponsoring the event! If you donate at least $5.00, we will send you a free copy of one of our eBooks – you pick which one you want! For donations of $10.00 or more, we will give your three eBooks of your choosing! Thank you for helping this great cause!